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MediaPost Publications Moneyball for Ad Sales

How many of you find yourself competing with the “big guys” on a smaller budget?

Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s general manager, was determined to find a way for a low-revenue professional baseball team to compete successfully with teams spending two or three times as much on top player salaries. He found a way, with strategies vividly described in the book “Moneyball” — and now the much more widely consumed movie.

The defining scene, for me, was the conference room discussion of whom to draft, where scouts recommended players in part on how they looked, and if they had a good-looking girlfriend — an ostensible sign of their self-confidence. The girlfriend line, as far as I can tell, was a scriptwriters’ device to summarize all the ways traditional baseball looked at the wrong things. If you read the book you’d read a less-fictionalized account of the real process that is no less off-base.

via MediaPost Publications Moneyball for Ad Sales 11/10/2011.

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