The Future Of The Internet’s Here. And It’s Creepy



In Gary Shteyngart’s 2010 novel Super Sad True Love Story, ordinary Americans are glued to superpowered iPhone-like devices while authority figures monitor their every move. Two newly released research papers on the Internet’s future, it seems, prove the author did a good job of predicting things. One Pew study has found that text messaging is growing more quickly than anyone has imagined, while a new Brookings paper is predicting cheap and total monitoring of all electronic communications by authoritarian governments in the next few years.

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IAB’s Rothenberg on Privacy Woes and Ad-Tech ‘Gobbledygook’

Randall Rothenberg is the president and CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, a role he returned to this February after a brief stint as chief digital officer at Time Inc. During Rothenberg’s tenure, the IAB has taken on the shortcomings of panel-based measurement, the dearth of talented creative executives in the industry, and numerous key nuts-and-bolts issues like viewable ad impressions and the industry’s overreliance on the click. These days, Rothenberg is hoping the digital ad business has dodged a bullet on privacy, and he’s bullish that 2012 will be the year of tablet publications and hit Web series.

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A VC: Feature Friday: Mark Unread In Gmail

(This is Fred Wilson’s post but it reflects an attitude/process very similar to mine)

This post will explain a lot about dealing with a disorganized organization system. I am not very organized. I am a brute force type. My desk is a mess. My computer is a mess. But I somehow power through things and get the important stuff done.

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The Most Important Graphs of 2011

What is it about graphs and economics? In a discipline where facts are murky and certainty is elusive, graphs offer a bright light of information and a small confidence that the world can be summed up between two axes 



. Here, from economists on left and right, and from economic journalists from around the beat, are the graphs of the year. Click through the gallery or scroll down to find the graphs organized under categories including Europe, spending & taxing, and energy.

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10 Things Job Applicants Should Know

While there clearly are not enough jobs to go around, some people are getting hired. Every day, every hour, thousands of people are selected from thousands more who are ready, willing and able to work. The question is, why is it that some people get hired and some don’t? This list is meant for recent graduates but it is a good reminder for anyone looking…the only thing I would add is to actually care about the business you are applying to. The hiring manager’s interest is to make sure he/she looks good for hiring you.

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Percolate Brews $1.5 Million to Help Brands Create Content for Social Web



Percolate, a New York-based startup that helps brands sort and curate content on the social web, is taking on some investors in a $1.5 million seed round led by First Round Capital and a variety of angels including Kenneth Lerer, Sherry Redstone and Path co-founder Dave Morin.

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How much does turnover cost your business?

Turnover is costly. Despite the harm it can cause to the bottom line, many businesses do not actually know how much turnover costs them. Policies that support workers, such as paid sick days, a fair minimum wage, investments in workforce training, and work sharing, can help decrease turnover and reduce these costs. This turnover calculator provides an estimate of how much turnover costs your organization.

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Agency of the Year: McGarry Bowen

It’s a win for the ages, literally, McGarry Bowen, led by a trio of veteran admen who’ve been around the block and then around it again, has bested the competition with a new business run that added an estimated $66 million in revenue to its coffers—a 60 percent jump from 2010.

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Newspapers Dead Within Five Years – But not USAToday, NYTimes, WSJ (et al)



As if the ink-stained wretches of the newspaper world need anymore bad news, the USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future says the print product some of you like to pick up of your driveway every morning will go the way of the dinosaur within five years.

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